QNU and the ALP Affiliation statement

Published: 20 September 2010

At its February 2010 meeting, the Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) council took the decision to affiliate with the ALP in 2010, but not affiliate in 2011.

The decision was then, in accordance with QNU rules and processes, reported to the QNU annual conference in July.

The decision to not renew affiliation in 2011 was taken for strategic reasons, as the QNU has decided to take a different approach to its engagement with political entities, governments and the political and public policy process.

Having been affiliated with the ALP since 1994, the QNU council was also very aware that the relationship sometimes created confusion amongst QNU members, especially during times of actual or potential conflict with Labor governments such as during negotiations over wages and conditions.

The decision has nothing to do with any particular issue, event or person and, it should be noted, it actually pre-dated the problems with the new payroll at Queensland Health.

The QNU is the only branch of the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) to ever affiliate with a political party.

It is a growing union and now has more than 42,000 Queensland members, within the 190,000-strong ANF.

It will continue to use that collective strength to run industrial, community and political campaigns, which promote its members’ interests.