FAQ: Registration renewal & proof of registration

Published: 16 June 2011

Many members have contacted QNU staff recently regarding concerns over registration renewal dates and how to prove registration while awaiting a certificate, as well as being concerned regarding managers demanding evidence of same.

To help allay these concerns the QNU has developed the following FAQs: 

1. How do I know if I am registered and able to practise?

The AHPRA website www.ahpra.gov.au has a link to the Register of Practitioners. Follow the link and fill in your details. If you are registered, the register will then display your name and status. Click on ‘view details’ for more information about your registration. You will note the comment under your expiry date – “… If the practitioner's name appears on the Register, they are registered and can practise…”

2. When does my registration expire?

For 2011 only, nurse registration expiry dates will vary, depending upon which registration authority confirmed your most recent registration. Please refer to your practising certificate or the AHPRA Register of Practitioners to confirm your registration expiry date. From 2012 inclusive, the registration expiry date for all nurses in Australia will be 31 May annually.

3. What is the ‘grace period’?

Registrants have until one month after their expiry date to lodge an application for renewal of registration. This is commonly known as the ‘grace period’. If you do not lodge your renewal application before the grace period expires, you will be removed from the Register of Practitioners and will have to complete a new application for registration. You will not be able to practice until your registration has been confirmed.

4. Can I practise while my renewal application is being processed?

Yes. On your ‘Registration Details’ webpage (mentioned above in question 1), it also states Under the National Law, registrants are able to practise while their renewal application is being processed”.

5. What if my employer demands proof of registration from me?

The NMBA has issued a media release, Board calls on employers to support registration renewal campaign, as advice to employers. Please direct your employer or manager to this media release, which states that employers should check the online register to confirm an employee’s registration status.

6. What if my employer demands a copy of my practising certificate?

The above-mentioned media release also states that a practising certificate is not required to prove registration, but that the proof of registration is the online Register of Practitioners. You may choose to provide your certificate to your employer if you wish, but you should make the employer aware that the certificate only proves that you were registered on the day it was issued.

7. What if my employer refuses to accept the online Register of Practitioners as proof of my registration?

Please call QNU Connect on 3099 3210 or outside Brisbane 1800 177 273 for further advice.